Explore Benefits of Buying a Used Car at Jaffarian Automotive Group

We all want a great car, and we all want to get a great deal - that's why it makes sense for Massachusetts drivers to consider a pre-owned vehicle. While Jaffarian has always offered customer-first service and transparency, we know that used cars have carried a negative connotation in the past. But modern vehicles are longer-lasting and more reliable than ever, and nowadays buying a used car is a great way to get quality at a competitive price.

Advantages of Choosing a Used Car, Truck, or SUV

Choosing a used car can have several advantages over buying new, and the Jaffarian team is here to help you be an informed customer by laying out those reasons below. Here are just a few advantages of buying used:

  1. Saving Money

  2. It's the one advantage that everyone knows, but it still bears repeating: used cars are cheaper than new ones. Buying a used car can get you a great new ride at a reduced cost. Of course, while the lower starting price is evident, used cars help you save money in other areas as well.

  3. Lower Depreciation

  4. Did you know that a new car loses roughly 20% of its value the moment it drives off the lot? Did you know it loses an additional 10% after the first year of ownership? That's 30% of its initial value gone after the first year, despite the fact that it is likely still a completely capable vehicle, featuring a wealth of modern technology, especially if it's from a reliable brand like Volvo or Toyota. A used car has already taken these hits, and retains its value much better.

  5. More Bang for Your Buck

  6. Cars today are better built than ever, and last much longer than they used to. Even if it already has a year or two of experience under its belt, a used car is still perfectly functional, and has many years and miles left to go. Along with the lower price tag of a used car, this opens up a new tier of packages, features, models, or makes within your budget, without sacrificing reliability. Your budget can get you more car when you choose used.

  7. Insurance

  8. One factor in auto insurance pricing is the vehicle's value. A used car has a lower value that it would have had brand new, so  it can often have reduced insurance costs as well. This keeps the savings coming long after your initial purchase.

  9. Accessible History

  10. It is easier than ever to find a vehicle's history. While buying a used car used to be a roll of the dice, now companies such as AutoCheck and Carfax can help you get a detailed vehicle history. With this information readily available, buying a used car can save you money and still give you peace of mind.

Find a Wide Array of High-Quality Used Cars for Sale in Haverhill

At Jaffarian Automotive Group, we have some of the finest used cars in the Merrimack Valley area. If you're looking for a capable, competitively-price model in the Andover, Methuen, Lawrence, or Salem area, the Jaffarian team is here to help. Stop by our used car dealership here in Haverhill, MA to see how we can help make you an informed customer today.

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