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At Jaffarian Automotive Group, we've always firmly believed that the best kind of customer is an informed customer. As such, we strive every day to
provide every driver who walks through our doors with relevant information to inform their decisions, something we like to call The Jaffarian Way
of doing business. Of course, our company culture and practice of providing our valued customers all across Massachusetts with information and
insights didn't simply develop out of thin air. In fact, it all comes from the time-honored customer service that has defined our business since
the beginning, and of course from our very own President here at Jaffarian Automotive Group, Gary Jaffarian!

As we've mentioned before on our site, Gary Jaffarian grew up in the automotive business here in the Merrimack Valley, and his insights as the
third generation CEO of Jaffarian Automotive Group are simply invaluable. Luckily, Gary also loves to share those insights even beyond the doors
of our Toyota and Volvo dealerships here in Haverhill, which is why you'll frequently find him speaking at events all  over the Merrimack Valley.

If you're looking to learn more about getting the most out of car shopping, ownership, business and negotiation, you simply can't pass up the
opportunity to attend one Gary Jaffarian's talks. Recently, in the last few month as well as the last few years, Gary has been speaking at
local Rotary Clubs here in the Merrimack Valley about many topics, including…

"Should I Buy or Lease My Next Vehicle?"

A talk given to the Lawrence Rotary Club at a recent meeting at the Four Winds Restaurant at the Greater Lawrence Technical School, exploring ownership and financing options and determining which one is the best fit for your lifestyle.

"The Top Mistakes People Make When Buying A Vehicle"

An in-depth discussion on the most common car shopping pitfalls, and what you can do to avoid them!

"How the Car Buying Experience has Changed:
You're in the Driver's Seat Now"

A general seminar lead by Gary Jaffarian at a meeting of the North Andover Rotary Club at the Joe Fish Seafood Restaurant in North Andover, in which he detailed the benefits and advantages of buying versus leasing your next car, choosing new or pre-owned cars, cost-effective maintenance, and more…

Other Speaking Engagements

Even beyond his regular visits to Rotary Clubs here in the Merrimack Valley, Gary Jaffarian has also reached out to the community and shared his views and knowledge at other public events. In years past, Gary has hosted seminars on negotiation for business at the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, and he's also stopped by the Andover Auto School to talk to younger drivers about driving safety and responsible vehicle ownership.

Can't Make it Out to One of Gary Jaffarian's Local Talks? Check Out the Ask Gary Blog Online!

Just as he's passionate about delivering an unparalleled dealership experience, Gary has always been keen to share his insights with the community. After all, making sure that you have a friend in the car business is the Jaffarian Way. So, even if you can't attend one of his frequent talks, you can get in touch with Gary Jaffarian himself through the Ask Gary blog online.

Each week, Gary Jaffarian shares tips on how to         save money and care for your vehicle. 
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Gary is always sharing useful tips and information on automotive safety, car shopping, and auto financing, and even answers to questions from local drivers like yourself, so you're sure to find plenty of useful information when you browse his blog. Alternatively, you can always stop in to our dealership here in Haverhill, MA to see how Gary Jaffarian's insights have shaped our dealership experience, and see why so many drivers here in Merrimack Valley shop with Jaffarian Volvo Toyota year after year!

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