Due for a Massachusetts State Inspection? Let Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Handle all your State Inspection Needs Here in Haverhill, MA!

At Jaffarian Automotive Group, we care about the safety and efficiency of your car. That's why we happily offer Massachusetts state inspections at our service center. Massachusetts has one of the longest continuously running state inspection programs in the U.S., and whether you're from right here in Haverhill, MA or passing through from nearby Methuen, Andover, or Lawrence, MA, you owe it to yourself and your vehicle to have you inspection done with us.

Why Should I Have my Massachusetts State Inspection
Done with Jaffarian Automotive Group?

Our Toyota and Volvo dealership has been an inspection station for quite some time now, and we take great pride in our commitment to high quality service and the expertise of our highly trained technicians. In fact, with our specialist staff in the Jaffarian Automotive service center on hand for your state inspection, it's only too easy to identify and remedy any issues that might cause your vehicle trouble on the spot. This in turn assures that your car operates safely and efficiently to the benefit of you and other drivers on the road here in Haverhill, Methuen, Andover, Lawrence, and throughout the Merrimack Valley.

Massachusetts State Inspection FAQ

What is inspected on a passenger vehicle?

Inspection for Massachusetts vehicles largely focuses on safety and emissions testing. The aim is to ensure that Massachusetts motor vehicles conform to mandated safety regulations, and perform within specification for emissions standard.

What is the Massachusetts Vehicle Check?

The Massachusetts Vehicle Check covers a myriad of different facets of your vehicle, but largely
focuses on safety and efficiency. Vehicle safety inspection encompass aspects of your vehicle
like its steering and suspension, brakes, exhaust system, tires, airbags, seatbelts and more.
On the other side, emissions testing focuses on one of two things: your on-board diagnostics
system and the tailpipe test. The former checks the vehicle's computer communication system
and on-board data regarding emissions, and the latter checks the opacity of your exhaust to
determine that your vehicle's emissions are within specification.

What do I do if my vehicle fails inspection?

If your vehicle doesn't meet Massachusetts state inspection standards, don't worry! At Jaffarian Automotive Group we have years of experience serving customers whose vehicles do not pass state inspection, and we'd be only too happy to leverage our expertise to serve you. Whether your inspection failure was related to safety and emissions, our service technicians will gladly go the extra mile to help you remedy the issue right here at our Haverhill, MA service center.

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