Deciding Between Buying or Leasing a Toyota or Volvo in Haverhill?
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Our team here at Jaffarian Automotive Group wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get a new Toyota or Volvo
model here in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and one way that we do so is by giving comprehensive financial guidance.
That way, you can determine whether you should buy or lease your next car, truck, or SUV! So if you live nearby
in Andover, Methuen, or the surrounding Merrimack Valley areas, then this is your chance to consult an expert
in the field and find out which option is more suitable for you.

Should You Buy or Lease Your Toyota or Volvo?

No matter if you prefer a family-friendly Toyota Highlander, a luxurious Volvo XC90, or a different Toyota or Volvo vehicle,
the question remains the same for all car buyers: is it better buy or lease a new model? The easiest way to decide is
by taking factors such as your budget, driving habits, and current credit score into consideration.
In doing so, you can settle on an informed decision that will benefit you the most.

Advantages of Buying a Toyota or Volvo in Haverhill

The main discrepancy between these two financing options is ownership. When you choose to
purchase a new car, you are essentially claiming it as your own. The auto loan you acquire is
therefore to pay off the entirety of the cost. For this reason, monthly payments are typically
higher. However, you are not restricted to a mileage cap and other stipulations often established
in a 
lease agreement. In other words, you have more freedom to do as you please and will save
more money 
in the long run.

This is the preferred option for those who know which vehicle they wish to keep.

Advantages of Leasing a Toyota or Volvo in Haverhill

When you choose to lease a new car, the dealership is essentially lending it to you for a limited
time - usually two or three years. That is to say, leasing is in many ways parallel to a trial period
whereby drivers can try out the latest models, including best-sellers such as the Toyota Camry,
Toyota RAV4, and even the Volvo S60. As you are not working toward sole ownership, monthly
payments tend to be more affordable. Not to mention, down payments are also much lower or
exempt entirely, saving you money when you first acquire the vehicle.

This is the preferred option for those who are debating on which vehicle they wish to keep.


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The benefits outlined above will help you discern the basic differences between financing and leasing. However, you can always learn more about
various factors come into play during the process by referring to Ask Gary, the informative blog from by our president, Gary Jaffarian.
You can also refer 
to the two-part video series from Gary below!

If you are ready to conclude your car buying experience, then we suggest you visit our dealership's Finance Center in Haverhill, Massachusetts,
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